Sunday, January 27, 2019

Red Dirt Trilogy

Well, that our government has decided to attempt to work together and we are up and running, I have a fun announcement to make!  It looks like we will have our first Red Dirt Trilogy member, after the race this year.  The Red Dirt Trilogy is something we thought of last year to create a club of sorts for those who have done all three distances at the race.  Once earned, you will receive a custom award for your efforts, and you will be recognized as a member of the club on the website. No real reason, just for fun.  

If all goes well, Brent Aymond will be the first Trilogy member this weekend.  Brent started off with the 100k, then ran the 100 miler last year and is doing the 50k on Saturday - should be a walk in the park, right?  

Great job Brent!  Looking forward to seeing you cross the finish line!

Weather is holding up great so far. I will give a detailed trail update before each of the race starts.


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