Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Red Dirt 2018 - WOW!

Well, 2018's Red Dirt Ultra has come and gone, but the stories from the race will last a lifetime.  From hip deep water and climbing up slippery hills on hands and feet, our runners experienced a little bit of everything last weekend.  Despite the tough conditions, a high percentage of our runners persevered and our volunteers shined!   It was a wonderful experience all around, and I can't wait to do it again (once I scrub the mud off of everything).  I will be posting a link to the pictures from the event as soon as I compile all of them, but in the meantime, here are some stats you might be interested in:

100 miler:

  • 23 starters, 16 finishers (69% finisher rate in TOUGH conditions.  That is pretty amazing!)
  • 12 men & 4 women earned their buckle (6 men and 2 women going sub 24)
  • 1st place male - Warren Kimball (Louisiana) 19:28
  • 1st place female - Steph Whitmore (Iowa) 20:25
  • States represented among the 100 mile finishers"  Louisiana, Kansas, Wyoming, Missouri, Washington, Oklahoma, Texas
  • 29 starters, 24 finishers (83% finish rate)
  • 16 men & 8 women finished the 100k
  • 1st place male:  Mark Martinsen (Minnesota)  9:47
  • 1st place female:  Rhea Loney (Louisiana) 10:12
  • States finishing 100k:  Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas
  • 57 starters, 55 finished (96% finish rate)
  • 34 men & 21 women finished the 50k
  • 1st place male:  David Theriot (Oklahoma) 4:00
  • 1st place female:  Jennifer Hooper (Louisiana) 4:56
  • States finishing 50k:  Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, California, Florida
Official results can be found here:  https://ultrasignup.com/results_event.aspx?did=44905

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